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The annual Olde English Festival of Bands held in Rock Hill is sponsored by the Northwestern High School and the Rock Hill High School marching band programs. The festival brings together marching bands from all over the region to compete in one of largest and most exciting competitions of the year. If you enjoy the precision and dedication of marching band competition then this is one you can’t afford to miss. The Olde English Festival is held at District Three Stadium and is a wonderful event to share with family and friends while supporting the band programs at both Northwestern High School and Rock Hill High School.

Showcase your band and give your students a positive experience by participating in the Olde English Festival of Bands. This annual competition highlights the most prestigious marching bands from North and South Carolina.

Band Classifications (determined by total wind players)*

Class A0-25
Class AA26-50
Class AAA51-75
Class AAAA76 or more

*The contest host reserves the right to "even" out the classes based on the number of entries in each classification.

Contest Format
The Olde English Festival of Bands will use a Prelims/Finals format. All bands will participate in the preliminary competition by classification. Each class champion (4) plus the next four (4) highest scores (and ties) will make up the finals participants for a total of eight (8) bands. There will be no class distinction in the finals competition. The order of performance for finalists will be determined by two draws. The lowest four scores from the finalists - regardless of class - will draw first and will be followed by the four highest scores.

Awards will be given for Ratings as well as for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class. Additionally, 1st and 2nd place trophies will be awarded for high music, percussion and color guard captions in each class. Finalist participation awards will be presented to all except the first three places in finals. The top three scoring bands will receive placement trophies.

Judges for the Olde English Festival of Bands are selected from some of the finest music educators in the Southeast. Judging will be caption style with 6 judges using the SCBDA score sheets with the following breakdown for the final score:


Music Performance (Ensemble)
Visual Performance (Ensemble)
Overall Effect (Music)

Music Performance (Individual)
Visual Performance (Individual)
Overall Effect (Visual)