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Special thanks are due the following for their invaluable contributions to the Northwestern High School Band Program:

Rock Hill School District III
Dr. Kelly Pew, Superintendent of Schools Members of the Rock Hill School

District III School Board
Jim Vining, Chairman

Northwestern High School Administration

James A Blake, II – Principal
Heather Andrus – Assistant Principal
Anthony Lancaster – Assistant Principal
Katrina Moody-Byers – Assistant Principal
Dr. Thomas Sparks – Assistant Principal

Middle School Administration & Band Directors

Castle Heights Middle School  –  John Kirell, principal  – Jermaine Evans, director
Dutchman Creek Middle School  –  Dr. Norris Williams, principal  – Scot McGuire, director
Rawlinson Road Middle School  –  Dr. Jean Dickson, principal  – Michael Skellett, director
Saluda Trail Middle School  –  Elissa Cox, principal  – Myra Amler, director
Sullivan Middle School  –  Shane Goodwin, principal  – Paul Guzewicz, director

And especially to the secretarial staff and classroom teachers
of Northwestern High School for their untiring efforts and cooperation.

Thank you for your support of music education at Northwestern High School and Rock Hill School District III.