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Good Evening,

With the cancellation of school on Friday, January 19, 2018, the following information is provided for all NHS Band students involved in the SCBDA Region Band Auditions on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at Blythewood High School. IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO AUDITION FOR REGION BAND, READ EVERY PART OF THIS MESSAGE.

The band room will be open from 12:00PM-2:00PM on Friday, January 19, 2019 for students needing to pick up instruments and other related materials. Please enter through the side door near the purple truck if you need access.

There are no delays or changes to audition times for Region 3. If you need to check your audition time, you can find your scheduled audition time by clicking here. Please note that you must audition at your scheduled audition time. If you are concerned with the conditions of the roads early in the morning, please arrive when you feel it is safe and the audition workers will do their best to work you in. However, you will need to be extremely patient. We are hopeful with yet another day of thawing and warm temperatures that this should not be an issue.

You will need to download, print, and fill out your Audition Ticket. Click here to download an audition ticket. If you are unable to print, there will be copies of the audition ticket available for purchase at the information desk at Blythewood High School. You can also stop by the school tomorrow between 12-2 and we will have copies in the band room.

If an emergency situation arrises and you need to find Mr. Yost or Mr. Tinker at Blythewood High School, we will be in the following locations:

Mr. Yost – Senior Trumpet Audition Room B

Mr. Tinker – Library=


Auditions will be at:

Blythewood High School

10901 Wilson Blvd.

Blythewood, SC

Cars should park in the student lot near the front of the school.

Enter the school building at the main front entrance.

Warm-Up Area will be in the Cafeteria.

Don’t forget to bring your copy of the audition solo! You must have a printed copy – no electronics are to be in the audition room at any time! Extra copies are available on www.bandlink.org

As usual, there is NO ON-SITE CHECK-IN PROCEDURE REQUIRED for arriving students, but there will be an information table staffed by Blythewood band parents. These parents will have audition times & locations available for all students.

Students should be in the warm-up area at least 1 hour prior to their audition time. Students should report to the audition room at least 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time. However, students should not hang out in the halls unnecessarily.

The Blythewood Band Boosters will sell concessions.


Triple committee rooms will operate as follows: 3 Rooms (CLINIC CLARINET, TRUMPET, and ALL HORNS)

A) Play scales, define terms (Non-screened, 1 judge)
B) Play chromatic, solo…tone will be judged (Screened, 2 judges)
C) Play SR… (Screened, 2 judges)

Double Committee rooms will operate as follows: 2 rooms (ALL OTHER WINDS)

A) Play scales, define terms (Non-screened, 1 judge)
B) Play chromatic, solo, SR… tone will be judged (Screened, 2 judges)

All TIMPANI will operate as follows:


1) Tune for solo…non-screened judge scores
2) Play solo…screened judges score
3) Tune for SR #1…non-screened scores
4) Study SR #1
5) Play SR #1…screened scores
6) Tune for SR #…2non-screened scores
7) Study SR #2
8) Play SR #2…screened scores
9) FP Cresc/DeCresc roll…non-screened scores
10) Terms…non-screened scores


Snare Drum…..Snare stand…..Snare Sticks…..Mallets (suggest you bring a variety of mallets so you are prepared for the possibilities of xylophone, marimba, and bells)…..Copy of Solo……Audition ticket

1. Student arrives at audition room
2. Student enters room and sets up snare drum
3. Student will select one of 2 rudiment cards from a table/desk. Student will perform the rudiments written on the selected card.
4. Student will perform the snare drum buzz roll
5. Student will perform the snare solo
6. Student will study and perform one example of snare sightreading
7. Student will then select one of 2 scale cards from a table/desk. Student will perform the scales written on the selected card.
8. Student will perform the mallet solo
9. Student will study and perform one example of mallet sightreading
10. Student will identify terms.

Please contact Mr. Yost and Mr. Tinker if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck at your audition!