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Volunteers Make Olde English Possible

Olde English is a major fundraiser for the band programs at Northwestern High School and Rock Hill High School. The success of this event is dependent on the support of ALL our band parents and band students. Each year there are numerous volunteer opportunities for parents and students. You will not be asked to volunteer all day - but you CAN choose to do that if you want. Please review the volunteer positions then go to Charms to pick your time or you can email David Corbin or Bob Woodard with your preferred position and time you can work.

Both the Purple Regiment and the Band of Distinction will be performing in exhibition. Every band student is expected to sign up for a position during the day and all students will be required to assist in stadium cleanup at the end of the event. The Northwestern students and boosters will cover the Rock Hill High assigned positions during their performance times and Rock Hill will do the same when Northwestern performs.

We hope all of you can attend. As always thanks for your continued support and for all you do for the Purple Regiment!


Volunteer Positions

Air Grams: Assist spectators at the air gram table by selling ‘personalized messages’ from parents, grandparents and friends to be read over the public address system during the day. Selling 50/50 chances and keeping up with the best directors contest.

Baked Goods: Sell individually wrapped baked items and fruit during the event.

Band Registration: Check in Bands at arrival and provide then with information event packages.

Bus Parking: Direct traffic in the bus / equipment truck parking lot to maintain order, maintain space for all attending bands and provide sufficient access to the stadium.

Concessions: Work at one of the many concessions locations throughout the stadium. Will be assigned to duties as needed and may be moved as needs become apparent during your shift.

Cooks: Assist in preparing food for concessions located throughout the stadium. Adults Only.

Director's Hospitality: Oversee food for visiting Band Directors and ensure everything is running smoothly for director's hospitality. Keep area neat and orderly.

Dressing Room: Monitor and maintain men’s and women’s dressing areas which are located in the field house at the south end of the stadium.

Field Control: Assist bands in entering and exiting the field properly on time and safely. Secure all gates to the playing surface during performances.

Funnel Cakes: Work at Funnel Cakes Station preparing and selling funnel cakes. Will be assigned to duties as needed and may be moved as needs become apparent during your shift. Adults Only.

Gate Admissions: Sell admission tickets and/or spectator gate control.

Program Sales: Sell programs throughout the stadium. When all programs have been sold, these volunteers may be asked to provide assistance in other areas as needed.

Raffle Tickets: Sell raffle tickets to win prizes during the event.

Set-up: Set up tables / tents / chairs in areas where they are needed. Hang banners and signs prior to the event.

Sno Cones:  Prepare and sell sno cones during the event. Will be assigned to duties as needed and may be moved as needs become apparent during your shift.

Spectator Parking: Assist in parking cars in the spectator lots across Constitution Ave from the stadium and monitor the parking lots for security issues.

Stadium Management: Hourly Cleaning, Monitor and maintain all trash issues and provide assistance in emptying all trash containers. May sell raffle tickets in stands to win prizes or sell water/drinks in stands during the event. Will be assigned to duties as needed and may be moved as needs become apparent during your shift.

Ushers / Crowd Control: Assist spectators in finding seats in a timely manner. One of the biggest challenges here is to make sure all aisles are kept open and that we maintain a quiet environment for all bands when they are performing.

Volunteer Check in: Check in all volunteers and provide directions on where to report based on job assignments.

Volunteer Hospitality: Oversee food for volunteers and ensure everything is running smoothly for volunteer's hospitality. Keep area neat and orderly.

Water Tables: Provide assistance at the water tables in warm up and show exit areas by keeping coolers filled with water and ice and providing individual cups for band members.