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2017 Marching Season Fee

While the NHS Band receives monetary support from the school district, additional membership fees are required of our members to offset the costs of the program. These accessed fees are approved by the NHS Administration and the Rock Hill School District III School Board.

This year’s 2017 Marching Season Fee is the same as the last ten years – $500. The following payment schedule is suggested:

May 19, 2017 $75 (included with submission of 2017 Letter of Intent)
August 1, 2017 $75
September 1, 2017 $75
October 1, 2017 $75
November 1, 2017 $75
December 1, 2017 $125

The 2017 Marching Season Fee must be paid in full before the end of the semester or the school will consider them delinquent. Any family that experiences hardship should consider applying for financial aid through the NHS Band Booster Club. A scholarship form may be obtained from the band office or band website. We make every effort to provide financial assistance for a family truly in need.

Please note that no member or family will ever be denied the opportunity to participate in the Northwestern High School Band as a result of financial hardship. By taking part in our fundraising opportunities, no family should have to pay for band fees entirely out-of-pocket.

As in year’s past, if a family has more than one child in the band simultaneously, the second sibling’s marching season fee is reduced to $250.

If your child qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch through the school district and your child is enrolled in the marching band course – your band fee is adjusted (see below). This exception is not made for middle school students participating in the marching band.

Reduced Lunch $250
Free Lunch $0

All payments for the 2017 Marching Season Fee should be made payable to Northwestern High School*. Payment of this fee can be made via cash, check, money order, or from funds available in your student ledger. If paying from funds available in your student ledger, the band booster treasurer will transfer these funds to credit your school account by request through a BCP Authorization Form.

*Middle School Colorguard Members in the Purple Regiment should make their 2017 Marching Season Fee payments to the NHS Band Boosters.

To Make a Payment: Place payments in the NHS Band Room Purple Box or mail them to the school (to the attention of NHS Bands). Please do not mail cash. A receipt will be written by the band office and given to your student for all payments made to Northwestern High School for fees. Additionally, BCP transactions may be tracked in your student’s Charms account.

To check your balance of any fee, please contact Mr. Tinker via e-mail: [email protected].

Additional Fees

Winter Guard Fees:
District/Independent Winterguard     $500     Due March 31, 2018
Cadet & High School Winterguard    $150     Due March 31, 2018
Wind Suit (new members or additional suits)     $76     Due at time of order placement.
Jazz Ensemble Fee: $30.00      Due March 1, 2018

Please understand that the Northwestern High School Bands have never denied any student participation in band because of financial hardship. If you encounter financial difficulty in paying these fees – please contact our Director of Bands, Mark Yost.