The Band Credit Points (BCP) program is a cornerstone of the Purple Regiment's fundraising efforts.  It enables students to raise money for activities, merchandise and trips that might otherwise not have been a possibility. Each band student has a BCP account established in their name. A Band Credit Point (BCP) is the equivalent to one dollar. (i.e. $55 = 55 BCPs).  As the student (or even their parents or family) participates in the various fundraisers, points are earned and recorded in the BCP Account. These points can later be used by the band student to offset the costs associated with being a member of the band. At the end of the school year, any remaining points in the account are rolled over into the next school year.

For questions about Charms or BCP balances, please contact Jo Ann Walkup - 803-325-5862

Please note: If when logged into the Charms system you choose to make a payment to your student's account via the 'Finances' > 'Make Miscellaneous Payment' option, the amount credited to the account will be the amount paid MINUS the fee charged by PayPal for the transaction.

The Purple Regiment is assessed the fee for every PayPal transaction; therefore, it will be responsibility of the payer to absorb this fee.  This fee is deducted from the amount received at the time the treasurer posts the transaction into Charms.

The current fee charged by PayPal is 2.2% + $0.30.

For example, a a payment of $100 using this method would result in the posting of $97.50 to the student account ($100 - ($2.20 + $0.3) = $97.50).

To be taken to the Charms website to manage/view BCP account information,
click the Charms logo below.

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